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Landescape / 0.2
Round 1

At Ma Wan Abandoned Village

happening since 14 September 2020

Participating Artists:


Rose Wei

Martha Hatch (S.A.)

Jay Lau

Ringo Lo

Mui Hoi Ying

Grace Leung Hiu Ling


Natalie Fung

Michelle Tam Man Ching

Curated by: Yue Yuen Yu


Ma Wan Abandoned Village

Once a thriving fishing village, had a population of several thousand in the 1980s, with stilt houses, restaurants and a school. Fish farming was the main economic activity on Ma Wan and Hongkongers would flock to its seafood eateries.

By 2011, most residents had been evicted after Thomas Kwok’s Sun Hung Kai Properties bought most of the land.

The developer offered villagers a three-storey house or three units in the new Park Island complex, which was completed in 2006.While most accepted the deal, others held out in protest. Eviction efforts continue to this day.

Ma Wan village now lies abandoned. 

 "Kowloon Gate" monument


The stone stele was erected in 1897 due to the British army wanting to build a road leading to Beiwan to connect Tsing Yi and Tsing Lung Tau, facilitating joint taxation and anti-smuggling. The villages finally agreed to borrow the land, but the road width was limited to seven feet, so the stone stele was erected as an evidence.

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