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展覽資料 Exhibition Details

Landescape1823將於5月28 日 至6 月17 日舉辦名為「發條麗姿」展覽。展覽首次於大眾所熟悉的藝術中心 JCCAC 舉行,由13位來自不同背景的藝術家透過在地靈感及景觀共同協作,當中包括裝置及個體和集體表演。

展覽以「 發條橙子」所為靈感而命名。 我們以荔枝替代本身的水果,成為我們刻板印象中的工廠女工--「麗姿」。 展覽空間在監視底下成為了一個實驗舞台, 在描繪一個當規條不被重視的情況下的不穩定的生態系統。這是一個廢棄,禁閉和重複發生的故事 - 製造和產品在無以名狀的權威和力量下漸行漸遠。 但藝術家的生產從未在積聚的陰影中停下來,反而出現了一浪接一浪的另類創作方法。

展覽的過程會在7樓的MOST 展出。參與式的裝置位於L5的公共區域。 除了雕塑和裝置,表演還不時在L7的綠色空間中進行。 藝術家將隨機出現,並安排進行個人和集體表演。 請繼續關注我們的每週時間表,該時間表將在社交媒體和官方網站上進行更新。

現場為公眾提供工作打卡紙,因此您可以隨時進出, 與我們一起工作,因為我們都是麗姿。

Landescape1823 proudly presents A Clockwork Lai Chi in the period of 28 May to 17 June 2021, a debut in JCCAC.  The exhibition will showcase installations and performances both in solo and collective forms by 13 participating artists with all backgrounds, based on the inspirations and spectacles onsite. 

The show title is inspired by “A Clockwork Orange”. By replacing the fruit into Lychee, “Lai Chi” conjured us up a stereotypical Chinese name of a factory worker in the old days. The exhibition depicts an experimental stage under surveillance, and a new ecosystem with precarious balance seesawing within the eclipsed rules and regulations. The show is a story of abandonment, confinement, and recurrence – an epic of manufacturers and the products coming apart under the dominance of authority and obscure forces. However, art production has never stopped in the shadow of buildout, alternative methods emerge like mushrooms after rain.

In JCCAC, process of exhibition will be showcased in Museum of Site (MOST), which is located on L7. Participatory installations are placed in the common area on L5. Apart from sculptures and installations, performances will occur from time to time in the Green Space on L7. Artists will appear randomly and be scheduled for solo and collective performances. Please stay tuned to our weekly schedules, which will be updated on social media and our official website. 

Working time sheet is provided for audience so you may clock in and out. Work together with us, we are all Lai Chi. 


May 28 - June 17, 2021

A list of performances happen from time to time.

May 28 
L7 Green Space 7樓綠色空間

Collective Performance



Hon Kei Yan Adrian, Arielle Tse, Wing Sze Ng, IV Chan, Grace Leung Hiu Ling, Martha Mai Hatch, Michele Chu, Fung Ching Laam Natalie, Michelle Tam Man Ching, Vunkwan Tam, Ringo Lo Wing Tao, Simone


韓己仁 ,謝恩旗,吳咏詩,陳子雯,梁曉聆,王昊絢,朱凱婷,馮靖嵐,譚敏晴,譚煥坤,盧永滔,善忘,余沅榆

May 28, 30, 31 & June 4, 5, 6, 12, 13, 14
3:00 - 6:00PM
L7 Green Space 7樓綠色空間

Anxiety Schedule


Artist: Grace Leung Hiu Ling

May 28, 31 & June 4, 7, 11, 14

6:00 - 10:00PM

L7 Green Space 7樓綠色空間

Swelter in air


Artist: Hon Kei Yan, Adrian

May 28 - June 17, 2021 
everyday 7:30PM
L7 Green Space 7樓綠色空間

Work in Progress


Artist: Simone

June 12-13, 2021
L7 Green Space 7樓綠色空間


Artist: Arielle Tse
藝術家: 謝恩旗

June 12-13, 2021
L7 Green Space 7樓綠色空間

An Endless (Stupid) Discussion, 2021

Artist: Wing Sze Ng

藝術家: 吳咏詩

Performer: Hon Kei Yan Adrian, Arielle Tse, Wing Sze Ng, Kelly Ng, Grace Leung Hiu Ling, Martha Mai Hatch, Fung Ching Laam Natalie, Ringo Lo Wing Tao, Vunkwan Tam, Simone

演出者: 韓己仁,謝恩旗,吳咏詩, 伍雪盈,梁曉聆,王昊絢,馮靖嵐,譚煥坤,盧永滔,善忘

June 13-17, 2021
L7 Green Space 7樓綠色空間

Patina Processing 


Artist: Michelle Tam Man Ching

藝術家: 譚敏晴

Performer: Arielle Tse, Wing Sze Ng, Fung Ching Laam Natalie, Ringo Lo Wing Tao, Vunkwan Tam, Simone

演出者: 謝恩旗,吳咏詩,馮靖嵐,譚煥坤,盧永滔,善忘

June 16, 2021
20:30 HKT
Microsoft Team


An employment dispute mediation mutual aid group between overseas artists and previous employers presents: I don’t know how to avoid being exploited, but I’m still trying symposium

Host: Jessie Cheuk Lam Tam


Have Yourself a Plant If You Are Not Picked Up in an Open Call

給自己一棵植物如果你不被Open Call選中 

Artist: Jessie Cheuk Lam Tam

I Accidentally Broke the Finger When I Was Setting It Up 


Artist: Jessie Cheuk Lam Tam

I'm a Clock Who Runs Too Much And Stops Running


Artist: Jessie Cheuk Lam Tam


Artist: Michele Chu


To Retard a Running Horse

Artist: Fung Ching Laam Natalie & Ringo Lo Wing Tao
藝術家:馮靖嵐 & 盧永滔

1.Untitled (Today We Must Savour)

2.Untitled (Fruits of Labour)

3.Untitled (IIIII, A Quiet Life)

Artist: Vunkwan Tam


Untitled (Two Baby Chairs)

Artist: Vunkwan Tam


Lucid Dream

Artist: Martha Hatch



2021 地逸一八二二計劃:發條麗姿

Exhibition Details 展覽詳情

Date 日期: 28.5 - 17.6.2021

Open Daily: 1000 - 2200

每天開放: 1000 - 2200

Address:L7, L5 Common Space & MOST, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

地址:九龍石硤尾白田街30號 - JCCAC 賽馬會創意藝術中心L7, L5 公共空間 & MOST

Curator 策展人:Yue Yuen Yu 余沅榆

Curatorial Assistant 策展協作人:Andrew Lam 林漢堅

Participating Artists 參展藝術家:

Hon Kei Yan, Adrian 韓己仁

Arielle Tse 謝恩旗

Wing Sze Ng 吳咏詩

IV Chan 陳子雯

Jessie Cheuk Lam Tam 譚綽琳

Grace Leung Hiu Ling 梁曉聆

Martha Mai Hatch 王昊絢

Michele Chu 朱凱婷

Fung Ching Laam Natalie 馮靖嵐

Michelle Tam Man Ching 譚敏晴

Vunkwan Tam 譚煥坤

Ringo Lo Wing Tao 盧永滔

Simone 善忘

Sponsors 贊助:

Pure Art Foundation 

Museum of Site


Event Calendar

Premier Opening

May 28, 2021 8:00PM

This is a premier opening of the exhibition.
Keep distance with each other and enjoy the show

Labor Day  勞動節

June 12-13, 2021 6:00PM

  • collective performance

  • solo performance

  • interactive installations

  • installations

Dismantle 拆展

June 17, 2021 5:00PM

Last day of the exhibition,
come to have the last sight of the Lai Chi!

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